Pumpkin Pie Punch cocktail with marshmallows and orange slices, a citrusy drink with a touch of sweetness.

Easy Halloween cocktails to kick off the spooky season

Everybody scream, it’s almost Halloween!
Just going to put this out there: Halloween is by far the most fun holiday, no matter how old you are. Oh sure, it’s not as “important” as some of the other holidays we celebrate--it’s up there with St. Patrick’s Day as a nominally historical excuse to party. But that’s what makes it so great!
There’s nothing complicated about Halloween. There are no expectations other than basically all things spooky, for the entire month of October (or, let’s be honest, late September, aka Spooky Season Even). Live your best life: Watch your favorite 90’s Halloween movies on repeat for weeks straight, stuff your face with candy, put up all the decorations, and culminate with a fun costume… and some EPIC parties.
Halloween parties are really what it’s all about, right? Parties are the best part of adult Halloween, and even if candy isn’t the currency it used to be, we have something even better: Halloween cocktails. And if there’s one thing our Seeds Squad knows about, it’s festive cocktails, whatever the occasion!
Actually, our Seeds Squad has been hard at work during this Spooky Season Eve, mixing up some delicious tequila-based Halloween cocktails for your Ghoulish gatherings. These recipes are frightfully fun! Whether you’re throwing a big party or gathering a few members of your closest coven, our Halloween cocktails are easy to make and sure to impress. Gather your friends, mix up some tequila-based bevvies, and have all the Halloween fun!
As you browse our recipes, don’t be daunted by the freaky flair. Like so many fancy cocktails, they look much more complicated than they actually are! Our candy accents can be found in almost any store that stocks Halloween candy.
Oh, and no one ever got mad at some cocktail/candy pairings… unless it’s candy corn.

A hand holds a glass of the mosnter margarita cocktail, created with 21Seeds Cucumber Jalapeño Infused Tequila.
  1. 1.Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice - shake for 30 seconds!
  2. 2.Pour into a black salt-rimmed glass decorated with cucumber slices
  3. 3.Garnish with cucumber ribbons

A Bloody Maria cocktail garnished with clelery, olives, lime, pepeers and a candy eyeball.
  1. 1.Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice - shake for 30 seconds!
  2. 2.Strain into Tajín rimmed glass and garnish with celery, olives, lime, peppers, and candy eyeballs

Pumpkin Pie Punch cocktail with marshmallows and orange slices, a citrusy drink with a touch of sweetness.


  1. 1.Add all ingredients to a punch bowl or pitcher with ice and mix
  2. 2.Pour into cups filled with ice and garnish with dried or fresh orange slices and ghost marshmallows
October 01, 2023
21seeds founders Kat, Nicole, and Sarika sitting at a table surrounded by various fruits

21Seeds is an award-winning tequila infused with the juice of real fruit founded by 2 sisters and 1 girlfriend who were looking to make a flavored tequila that was as approachable as a glass of wine. They partnered with the most celebrated female-owned distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, to develop an ultra-smooth Blanco, infused with the ripest and juiciest fruits, resulting in an easy to use, perfectly balanced infused tequila.